We welcome all enquiries about baptism from those who live within our parishes, and look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Baptism is the first step on the Christian journey and we are delighted that you are considering this step for your child.

The Church of England offers infant and child baptism to the children of Christian parents. During the baptism service, parents and godparents are asked to make serious statements about their own faith and to promise that they will bring the child up in the Christian faith and as a worshipping member of the church. At the same time, church members are asked to promise to support the child in his/her Christian life.

An Alternative
If you are unsure of your own faith, or do not wish to promise to become regular worshippers, you may choose to have a Service of Thanksgiving instead of baptism. This service is a celebration of the child’s new life, but it does not require anyone to make any promises, which they might find difficult to keep.