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COVID-19 Update

In light of the current lockdown and the government’s stance in devolving responsibility to the local church and in response to the increasing instances of covid in our communities, the PCCs of the Mission Community and Team Rector have jointly made the decision to suspend public worship in all six churches.
This decision will be under regular review and we will re open for Sunday worship when it is sensible to do so.
We will be asking the Bishop of Exeter to grant a dispensation to do this.
The 10am Zoom service will continue on Sundays and you will be warmly welcomed.
Morning Prayer will be taking place at 9am each morning, as we go forward.
If you are struggling in this time, we are only a phone call away,
God bless,
Alan and Kim

Daily Morning Prayer
Monday to Saturday at 9.00am using Zoom.

Sunday Service

10.00am Morning Worship using Zoom.

If you have any queries please contact Alison at


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