Parish History

  • St Mary’s, Brixton

    St Mary’s, Brixton

    Brixton was, anciently, in the Hundred of Plympton. In 1086, the year of Domesday, nearly the entire Hundred, including Brixton, was under the parochial charge of the priests of St. Mary & St. Paul at Plympton. Read More
  • All Saints, Holbeton

    All Saints, Holbeton

    There was almost certainly a church on the present site in the early Normal period, but during the 13th century the present church with a short tower, superseded the older one and during the 15th century it was enlarged. Read More
  • St Peter's, Noss Mayo

    St Peter's, Noss Mayo

    St Peter’s was built to replace the Church of St Peter the Poor Fisherman as parish church of Revelstoke. The existing church had become dilapidated and was at an inconvenient distance for many residents of Noss Mayo. Read More
  • St Werbugh, Wembury

    St Werbugh, Wembury

    The Church is one of four in the country dedicated to St Werburgh (7th century Saxon Abbess). The main part of the present church was built by the Normans in 1088, replacing an earlier Saxon wooden building. Read More
  • Holy Cross, Newton Ferrers

    Holy Cross, Newton Ferrers

    People have worshipped on the site of Holy Cross for over 900 years. A church on this site is first mentioned on the Saxon Geld Roll of 1084, when 'St Mary of Newton' was one of those lands held free from geld (tax). Read More
  • St Bartholomew, Yealmpton

    St Bartholomew, Yealmpton

    The parish church is dedicated to St Bartholomew and was designed by William Butterfield. It dates from 1850 when, due to their poor condition, the nave and the chancel were completely rebuilt at a cost of £7000 which was largely borne by the Bastard family. Read More
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