Life Events

Our churches are privileged to be involved in supporting families through important life events, whether the start of a new marriage, baptism, or the death of a loved one.



We are delighted that you are thinking about a church wedding in one of our beautiful churches.

If you decide to make your marriage vows in church, you will be affirming your wish for God’s blessing on your marriage.

Your wedding is a very special occasion and the service should be carefully crafted. If you need help with choosing suitable hymns and readings, do ask.
The best way to get to know hymns is to attend some of our services and we will be delighted to welcome you.

The cost of marrying in Church varies according to your requirements, but this is a matter that can be readily agreed at your first appointment when enquiring about your wedding.
Having been previously married does not automatically bar you from marrying in our churches.
If neither of you has previously been married, we can marry you in your parish church if one of you lives in the parish, or is a regular worshipper here or chooses to attend the church regularly for six months.

Details of the required connections can be found at the following website – click here.
If you cannot meet one of these connections it is unlikely that we will be able to marry you

If you wish to continue please complete our Wedding Enquiry Form


Funeral Services

We are sorry that you have experienced a bereavement amongst your family or friends.

It is at these times that you may find the Church Community of great help. You may feel lost and don’t know where to turn for guidance and help.
We are here for you and will do all that we can to help you through this difficult time.

Everyone is entitled to have a funeral in their parish church regardless of whether they attended church or not. Some of our Benefice churchyards are still open for burials, others are open for the interment of ashes.

Funerals can be big occasions with a packed church or can be very small quiet ceremonies. The whole service can be in church, or the first part can be in church and the committal at the graveside or crematorium or the whole service can be at the crematorium. There can be a private family funeral with a public memorial service at a later date. There are no right or wrongs.

For more information on Anglican funerals please visit
Please Contact Us if we can help.
The key thing to remember is that your parish church community is there for you before, during and, most especially, after the service.