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St Mary's Church, Brixton
2 Church Cottages
Brixton, Plymouth,



St Mary’s Church

2 Church Cottages, Brixton, Devon, PL8 2AW.





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About the village

Brixton is a small community of around 800 homes, a pub, a restaurant, a post office with an attached art gallery and a large garden centre. There is a petrol station and car sales.
Brixton parish borders the new town development of Sherford, part of which falls within the parish boundary. This area will eventually become part of the new parish of Sherford. 
Brixton has a long history which can be traced back to the Domesday Book.
The local economy was traditionally based on farming, together with other rural and commercial activities around the river Yealm. 
The village of Brixton visibly reflects its history with its 14th Century Church and Priests’ Cottages, alongside the historic Feoffee Trust owned cottages and park.

Our History

Brixton was, anciently, in the Hundred of Plympton. In 1086, the year of Domesday, nearly the entire Hundred, including Brixton, was under the parochial charge of the priests of St. Mary & St. Paul at Plympton. This preconquest Saxon Chapel and College had a Dean or Provost and other priests and was a Royal foundation. Read our history