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Noss Mayo

St Peters Church, Revelstoke
Stoke Rd
Noss Mayo, Plymouth,


Noss Mayo

St Peter’s Church

Stoke Beach, Noss Mayo, Revelstoke, Devon, PL8 1HE.





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Kitchen and accessible toilet.



About the village

Noss Mayo with St Peters Church

The tiny, pretty little village of Noss Mayo is hidden away on the southern bank of the Yealm estuary. It is across the water from the larger village of Newton Ferrers. 
This ancient and secluded village is an ideal location if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and simply ‘mess about on the river’. 
There are no shops but 2 excellent pubs in the Swan and The Ship both of whom do excellent food and are located on the waterside.


History of St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s was built to replace the Church of St Peter the Poor Fisherman as parish church of Revelstoke. The existing church had become dilapidated and was at an inconvenient distance for many residents of Noss Mayo. Furthermore the chapel of ease of 1839 in the village was deemed too small to adequately serve the population as a parish church. Edward Baring, who purchased the estate of Membland in 1877, offered to construct a new church at his expense.

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